For Everyone

A fun and effective way to learn foundation and master techniques

Guided by the tagline “Football for Everyone”, the Jakarta Football School (JFS) was established in 2020 to train and develop each individual, regardless whether he or she wants to simply enjoy the sport or aspire to become a professional player. JFS highlights the proper fundamentals, skills and techniques while emphasizing fun and satisfaction of everyone passionate about the sport.

The school focuses on fostering football among youngsters, ages 6 – 15 years old, and developing them in their respective age groups to become quality football players.

To be a world-class football training school that plants and nurtures grassroot players in becoming superior national and international footballers

To equip children with an excellent, enjoyable and successful training program supported by professional coaches and international-standard facilities

Jakarta Football School’s strengths rely on these key qualities:

  1. Comprehensive and fun quality training program
  2. Professional coaches
  3. World-class playing field
  4. Player’s character development emphasizing passion, respect and discipline